i had to be at the terminal at 7 am to let in the caterers for todays wedding, so i stopped at my old mcdonalds drive thru on my way. and wow, they now have an automatic drink dispenser in drive thru. it must be hooked up to the register system, and when a drink is ordered it snaps into action. the different size cups spun around, and a mechanical arm grabbed on and put it on a conveyor that took it under a dispenser. from the looks of it, the first dispenser puts the pop syrup in the cup, it’s moved to the next dispenser which adds the soda water…which seems kind of strange, why they can’t just use the old pop system but there was no other way to explain it. then it moves over and sits there ready for the person to slap a lid on it and give it to the customer. progress!! but my food was still terrible, hashbrowns mushy and undercooked, the sausage biscuits hard as rocks (and they’d only been serving breakfast for an hour or so), i guess some things never change. ha

i tried to sleep all day, seeing as how i was up for 21 hours before getting to bed, but it didn’t happen. so now i’m tired, neck and head hurts, and starving. oh and it’s 85 degrees in my house. can’t wait for central AC.

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