eric sent this to me, and yes it really is the best video ever made. http://www.iheartchaos.com/2008/07/10/morning-music-video-gorbachev-is-a-zombie-killing-barbarian-in-this-russian-metal-video-i-heart-music/ but then again i love all things soviet propaganda looking. but flying twinkies? and the zombies look like a stalin/hitler crossbreed. ha fabulous.

tonight was Wicked at Shea’s with 14 ppl from work…or well 12 because 2 didn’t show up for some reason. we hit up pearl street brewery for dinner first, and tried to take the train the 5 blocks to the theatre…except apparently the train does not run past lafayette square anymore on thursdays, we we went a total of one block and had to walk the rest of the way. no problem whatever, just weird.

i liked Wicked, but i didn’t think the music was as memorable as other musicals. i knew the general story from the books, but couldn’t help picking out what parts were different. they barely touched on the reasons behind elphalba becoming the wicked witch, and more or less barely skimmed the political aspects of the book (as expected). and they made the ending happy instead. as always i am wicked (ha) jealous of musical theatre performers. i’m not sure i’d go see it again, i think my friends all liked it more than me. where as phantom…going to see it again in vegas in 2 weeks hahah.

afterwards we went back to pearl st and hung out on the patio and had a few drinks. they stopped serving food so we went to jims steak out, my very first time despite being born and raised here. twas a good fun night. and no bug bites. 🙂

oh and for anyone buying a house, don’t accept the interest rate they give you on mondays. i waited 3 days and got one that was way lower. score!

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