Ashes Divide @ Water Street

Ashes Divide at Water Street in Rochester.

Opener was a band called Inner Party System from PA. i thought they were pretty good. a very strong club beat, that uhntz uhntz beat, but with guitars and real lyrics – not just a few repeated words. young guys, good stage presence, seemed professional and not just hacks. i bought their EP cuz it was 5$. it’s not bad, but i think they were more interesting live. they played a half hour non stop, one song just went into the next.

eric arrived right before AD started, good timing hah. billy howerdel is SO skinny and alien like but such a good guitarist. he seemed very shy and not used to being the center of attention. he didn’t talk much, introduced the band, mentioned they’d be back for projekt revolution. they sounded good, i really like the album. i would like to say they played all my favourite songs, but they played the entire album so that’s sorta given. 2nd to last song he announced as a cover…and for the life of me could not recognize the song. until the chorus “if you don’t love me now, you will never love me again” and i thought wait, i know that, isn’t that fleetwood mac? yep. it was “chain” except it had to be the most rocked out version of a fleetwood mac song ever. i’ve heard the real song, and honestly i still can’t think that the AD music was the same hahah. if not for the lyrics i’d not have ever recognized it. it was really awesome. who knew fleetwood mac could be cool! 🙂 since they only have one album and it’s rather short i thought he might play some APC but nope. that’s ok. eric yanked a set list
Too Late
The Chain

stayed around for a bit after for billy to sign stuff. i realized on my way to the show that we saw APC open for NIN in toronto 8 years ago…EIGHT! jesus! i can’t believe “mer des noms” has been out for 8 years. so i told billy that, for lack of anything else to say when he signed my cd book.

the coldplay ipod commercial bugs me, because is he really TRYING to be bono now? that could BE bono in that commercial. stop it. bad enough you stole edge’s guitar tone.

speaking of bono, i had a strange dream that i was in london with ang, and sometimes cassie was there, sometimes jenn. we were walking around and we were near our hotel when we saw u2 – or at least bono and edge – standing around outside with a bunch of other people. bono asked us if we knew how long the side door of the hotel was going to be closed for. i told him it wasn’t closed when i had been in london last year (ha). he had a bit of attitude with us, which i expressed to cassie, but still thought he looked hot so i forgave him. later on walking around we ran into them again waiting to cross a street. edge was holding a banjo, or ukulele and would randomly play a few notes every now and then. i kept laughing cuz each time it made me think of the banjo version of “vertigo” ( then bono was talking about being fat or something, and rubbing his stomach. so i patted/grabbed his stomach to see how fat it was, and i said it was comfortingly chubby. not too fat, but no rock hard abs or anything. he didn’t seem to mind. ha wtf.

also dreamed about terrorists at the casino.

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