new nin!!

another new nin song…”echoplex”…distributed by way of just like leaked songs before year zero…if we are getting a new album, perhaps on monday, i really need to listen to the album in full. i didn’t have much of an opinion on “survivalism” and “my violent heart” when they were leaked for the arg, but as part of the whole album i love them. i think the same about “discipline” and now “echoplex”….they’re both “ok”. sorta dancy, “echoplex” makes me think of all the “80s” like openers trent has had on the tour the last 3 years. do i particularly like that style? no. but i didn’t really like year zero leaks, and i didn’t really like “the hand that feeds” and i thought “the day the world went away” was boring, but in the end always, always, like the full albums.

presale info was posted, toronto tuesday. a bunch more wednesday, then 1 each the following 2 weeks.

i went to see Avenue Q on thursday with jenn and jeff at Shea’s. HILARIOUS! for those who don’t know what it is, it is a musical that is basically Sesame Street on crack. adult themed puppets. i enjoyed it much more than Spamalot, as it was something pretty novel. the songs are very funny, most of the dialog too. one character is japanese complete with broken english and the r/l mispronunciation. she was quite funny to us because she sounded just like all our players at work. the best puppets were the “bad idea bears” ha!!! yeah. it was great. highly recommend it.

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