john cameron mitchell told perez hilton that there is a possibility of a hedwig revival on broadway. gaaaaaah. would have to spend tons of money to go see it for sure!!

wacky dream about this new “weight loss pill” that was being given to people as an “experiment”, or them being used as test subject to see if it worked. i knew alot of people taking it, and i didn’t know how they were getting it or what it was at the time. they told me, the government was giving it to them and then eric was there saying that he is the one in charge of giving it to his co-workers at his racino. then i went to work and all these coworkers of mine were taking the pill. finally someone gave it to me and wanted me to take it but i wouldn’t. i kept asking all these questions about what it was, and the bosses who were in charge of distributing it to me wouldn’t tell me. i asked what it did to you and they wouldn’t say. i asked if it made you high and they wouldn’t say. i kept holding it in hopes i’d find someone to tell me the truth but i couldn’t find anyone, even my so called friends who i trusted wouldn’t give me straight answers. so then i was trying to spread the word to people not to take it because the government was trying to drug us into submission but no one would listen to me.

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