Saul Williams in Toronto

“That’s just Sean Avery being Sean Avery,” Ottawa Senators forward Chris Neil said. “It’s kind of like an instigator. He may not be doing anything, but he is initiating.” and that comment coming from chris fucking neil….ha! i gotta say avery’s behavior in front of brodeur is pretty childish, i can’t stand him and i’m glad they made an unsportsmanlike penalty ruling if he does it again but…it is sorta funny haha.

tonight (monday)’s colbert report is the same bit on the political candidates that he ran by us at the UB speech.

tonight was saul williams in toronto with adr2 and tammy. thanks to george w bush and the terrorists, you now need passports or certified birth certificates to go into canada, when in the good old days you didn’t even need your drivers license…i mention this because, you would think having a passport would make crossing the border much easier. but no, that just means i get pulled over and get my car searched. at the booth the lady kept asking us about saul…what kind of music, how did we know him, how’d we know about the show…adr2 knew we were getting pulled over. so when we did, we had to go talk to immigration, which i’ve never had to do and i’ve been pulled over before (i believe this is the 5th time). he checked out our passports and all sorts of stuff in the computer for ages, before going back to the other agents to search my car. the guy searching starts asking us about saul again, we say he’s a rapper, hiphop, spoken word artists. then the guy goes, “is he the messiah?”….what?! what do you say to that? so i said, “some people might think so.” LOL. then he goes into how canada has strict narcotic laws…omg who is he trying to kid, everyone knows pot is almost legal in canada! he insisted he didn’t care if we did drugs as long as there were none in the car. adr2 was offended hahah.

all in all we were at the border for about 45 minutes but still made really good time and got to mod club not long before doors opened. i was starving so we stopped into the grocery store across the street where a lady thought adr2 and i were actresses. tammy arrived after doors opened and we hung out up at the stage.

saul had an opener but she never said what they/she was called. she introduced the band members twice but not herself. she didn’t play long but she had a great voice and the music was interesting…dj, and bongos and another percussion thing, and guitar.

between acts i was saying something to adr2 about being asexual, and this kid who was by us suddenly is like…did you say you were asexual, because so am i! hahah one of my own kind. we ended up talking to him and his cousin the rest of the time and they were hilarious. definitely some of the best crowd people we’ve encountered in a while.

saul came on around quarter to 10. i wish i could tell you what songs he played but i don’t know many of the titles so it’ll be tough. they began with “break” before he came onto stage, but i can’t remember what song they actually performed after that. it was quite excellent. they did almost all the new album and about 5 from his first. he actually had a “band”, cx kidtronic, a guitarist and a keyboardist. they closed with “sunday bloody sunday” which i forget that saul covered, and it was amusing because the guitarist did the “Edge stomp” 🙂 the whole show i kept thinking, it’d be neat if he busted out with “gunshots by computer” since technically it’s his song too but i didn’t think he would. they came back out for a short encore, and he ended up really closing with “gunshots..”…and it was clear from the crowd reaction that everyone there was nin fans haha. anyway. great show. saul was very energetic, all over the place, in the crowd. they had some technical difficulties with the sound on stage, and their tech’s suck, but they over came it and put on a good performance.

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