dream: the city decided to open the aud for one day so people could see it one last time. so i went with a bunch of people, including eric, adr1, phill, , david, my mom and kristen ondesko from high school who was really sunburned. sometimes there was no roof on the aud, and it was more like the ice bowl, other times it was normal but it had lights on so you could actually see what it looked like. we were wandering around, finding new places like the organ, and gift shops, and a chapel…where there were people lighting candles. so i lit a candle for the aud. more and more people kept coming and filling in the seats and it was really emotional and people were crying cuz they were so happy to see the aud full again. then all of a sudden there was a hockey game. we were like, awesome!! they cleaned the rink surface enough to play roller hockey. phill and i went down to rink side and realized…holy crap they made ice. we couldn’t believe after all those years the ice equipment still worked. i guess then the next day the city decided to open the aud back again, but now my mom and i were there still, we had never left, and we see people outside the doors waiting to get in. then they were getting mad cuz we were already inside and they weren’t being let in. my mom wanted to go to this one shop that was called the western door and apparently used to sell western gear at hockey games..yeah i dunno. i kept telling her that the aud was closed, so that there wouldn’t actually be anything in the store. but we went by it and i was like SEE, nothing…only there was stuff inside…model car kits and golf balls ha. then there was something about being outside and painting starfishes to sell that i kept getting out of the back of an ambulance…wtf. oh and there was a bit about trying to get to the terminal with mary, but we kept ending up near our lady of victory, and the pope was there standing outside waving at people, much like mascots will do outside stores advertising sales ha

some people at work drove out to Connecticut today to apply for jobs at the Hard Rock casino in Florida…7 hour drive for a 3 minute “interview” and they got rejected. glad i didn’t go.

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