route 66

the more i look into it the more i really want to do route 66 this year, maybe in september. i figure i’d go west on rt 66 and then east on more or less, mapquest directions… which would take me through las vegas and i could visit adr, and through nebraska so i could go see aunt carol in omaha. i can’t really figure out how long i should reserve for this though…as one to not like making travel plans, i would go and stay at whatever random town i get to that day. take whatever side trips i feel like, such as the grand canyon and red rocks, and stop at whatever fun roadside attractions grab my interest. at approx 2550 miles, it’s a 37 hour drive apparently…maybe 2 weeks then? that gives me about a week to play with (chernobyl still a possibility). oh and most likely i’d be doing this alone. and while alot of people find that weird, i have absolutely no problem with. i’ve decided there are very few people i can travel with, and being in car for that long with someone i can’t travel well with might lead to murder 🙂 i’m getting some books to plan more, but…consider this 95% definite. my mom is gonna freak, esp at the going alone part.

found some cheap sabres tickets for the tampa bay game and went with leighanne. the team got booed off the ice at the end of the 2nd and responded with 6 goals for the win in the 3rd. so it ended up being a good game. washington got shut out by chicago so we’re back in 9th, 1 point back. we just need to win friday, and philly to lose friday…

so one of the articles about Spitzer’s prostitute was that she was upset that various media oulets were publishing exotic photos of her..and i thought.. YOU’RE A PROSTITUTE!!!!!!!! then it gets better…the girls gone wild guy offered her a million dollars to associate herself with GGW and do a tour or something….turns out that he went through GGW archives and found out that she did extensive video footage – 7 tapes worth – for his videos ages ago. yet she’s upset that exotic photos of her are being published in tabloids…and again…YOU’RE A PROSTITUTE!

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