corn muffin disaster

ok i’m not so cooking impaired that i can’t make corn muffins. i’ve made them 100s of times with no problem. until today. and really it’s not my fault. i turned the oven on to preheat, 400 degrees, as i mixed the muffins together. then the oven started shaking or something, the pans i had left on top were vibrating and i looked at the oven and it’s smoking. so i turn it off real quick and there is a bubble of something burning on the coil…except my oven is the cleanest oven you’ve ever seen outside the show room, and i’ve only ever used it to make biscuits…no pies or anything that could possibly boil over and drip. so i have no idea where this scum came from.

anyway…i’m out of luck, no oven because i’m too scared to turn it on and a bowl of muffin batter. well i have a toaster oven, it goes to 400 i’ll use that. i forgot how much toaster ovens completely SUCK ASS and turn off the heat in cycles…so the first 10 minutes the heat was on, enough that the back muffins started to burn…but were still raw and they all erupted like volcanos, which i’ve never seen before. then the heat turned off so the lava kept spreading. it turned on again after that for the last few minutes, allowing the lava to cook and the muffins to continue to burn…

mom came over to look at the oven and now it doesn’t heat up at all.

i ate 2 of them anyway.


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