i cooked!!! omg. i didn’t make any formal new years resolutions, but i really really SHOULD eat better. so i bought real food yesterday. some ground beef and thin sliced pork.

one thing i can make is chili, which is what the ground beef went to. easy, no problem, made it during the sabres intermission hahaha. after we lost the game (again) i brought out the pork. i have no idea how to cook, honestly. i am super paranoid about under cooking things, which means i over cook everything and then it’s half burned and bad. i tried to spice the pork slices with garlic and oregano, which of course, didn’t really stick. i managed to cook them fine, and they tasted ok (tho not highly spiced). complete with corn and a salad. but now i’m freaking hungry already!!! wtf. when i eat carb loaded meals like pasta and mashed potatoes i’ll be all set for hours. i eat a real complete meal and i’m hungry after an hour. arg.

people at work are doing a “biggest loser” type contest. $100 entry, whoever loses the most weight wins all the money. i guess the target is 10% of your weight. i happened to be in the office, where they have a scale for weigh in and for shits and giggles i weighed myself. i really should have taken bets, because no one could believe i weigh 130lbs. i’m like, “look at the scale, 130!!” so now they want me to enter the contest, since the goal would be for me to lose 13lbs in 10 weeks, and it’s a sure bet that i’d lose. hahah.

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