Dirty Dancing

i just remembered an impressive thing about the berin “subway/metro” system. they had french fry vending machines on the platforms. of course, i had to try it. and omg. they are fantastic. they actually fry french fries in the machine, and they come out in a cup all hot and with salt and ketchup packets and everything. we need those over here.

and wow…further proof that the Spears family is white trash…britney spears’ sister, who is SIXTEEN and stars in a nickelodeon show, is pregnant. LOL. what a role model!

today brought Dirty Dancing on stage in Toronto with Heather. god i love that movie. and the stage version kept pretty close to the movie. they included every major scene, and every quotable line from “for the adults we have..sex” to “i carried a watermelon” to of course “nobody puts baby in a corner”. the dialog was actually so close i could have recited it haha. strangely, there wasn’t a lot of singing in it, and the singing that did occur were by 2 girls from the ensemble, and the man playing Johnny’s cousin (his name escapes me). there were very very small parts that the main characters would sing (old man shumacker sings a small thing, vivian the “bungalow bunny” sings a few lines, lisa sings her talent show songs, the kellermans song etc). a lot of the music was just played, with the sound as if it was coming from a jukebox or record player (which fit in those parts), other songs were instrumentals only played live. the performers were great, dancing was awesome, and as always, musical theatre people make me so jealous. i wish i had talent. a couple scenes were added, that didn’t really add or detract from the story (the one that sticks out is penny telling mrs houseman about the abortion, and both housemans talking about it). my one complaint was that our seats in the lower balcony were obstructed, and i was not told that when i bought them. it wasn’t a HUGE deal for this show – the ceiling of the upper balcony came down into our vision obstructing the top of the set. for this show, there were stairs that went up both sides of the stage to a top walkway which they used to simulate walking around kellermans…some of the songs, the singers and/or band were up there. so not being able to see more than people’s feet on it was not a huge deal. but for another show that has a lot of props at the top of the set, it would be a big problem. spamalot if i remember correctly would be a big problem haha.

we had gone to a matinée and then got dinner…so traffic leaving toronto was rush hour. it took us an hour to get down king st and spadina to the gardner. re-fucking-diculous. i HATE traffic, and not for the obvious reasons, but because it makes absolutely NO SENSE to me. especially highway traffic. traffic on a highway should NEVER stop unless there is an accident. yet traffic was at a crawl if not standstill on the gardner for miles FOR NO REASON. no accident, no construction…NO REASON. and i HATE HATE HATE that. why can’t people just drive!! arg.

in other musical news, jenn’s getting us tickets for avenue Q at shea’s, and everyone at work is planning a trip to see Wicked at shea’s in june (i think).

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