psycho pants guy

what’s with the cardboard and spray painted Ron Paul 2008 signs? does he have a street team? or is this something only happening around here…

some advice: don’t marry anyone until you’ve taken them gambling. seriously. gambling, or rather losing at it, brings out the absolute worst in people and in their behavior. some of the behavior i see, i feel ashamed and embarrassed for them. people turn into total idiots, and no where else in the world would their behavior go unchecked except at a casino.

last night i had a guy who sat down at my table, when he stood up to get his wallet out of his pants, they were completely undone. now we’re not talking, buddy your fly is down, here…button undone, fly down, sides of his pants totally apart. now i saw no flesh, he was not commando, or had his shirt tucked in. but seriously. what the fuck is wrong with people. everyone was pretty stunned. bob told him to fix his pants, he’d button the button, sit back down, but next time he stood up, pants totally undone again. thankfully i had the table in the way, but jaysham was next to me and got the full show…on top of that, he said i ruined his life, he was going to break a bottle on me, and in general was a psycho. *edit* also…when he sat down at my table he put down 3 pats of butter on the table. so i asked him, are you eating just butter? and he said no he had rolls with him. you’re not supposed to eat at the table but for whatever reason, no one said anything to him. so he’d open up the butter and just moosh it onto the roll. got butter on the table, made a mess. so later after i had ruined his life he was muttering to himself about me, and how i asked him about the butter when he sat down, and how i should have just not said anything. so i was like, i was just trying to be friendly, don’t worry, i won’t say anything else from now on. fucking retards.

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