found an article from the summer on econoline crush reforming. this quote made me excited (as if i wasn’t already excited) Trevor: “And in this scenario, its very much along the lines of songs like ‘Home’ and ‘Sparkle & Shine’ and very basic industrial rock kind of stuff. It’s not foreign to the Econoline Crush fan. It’s what we’re known for, melody over riffs.” and then this just made me laugh because it’s the same thing I always say when people bring up Econoline Crush’s rotating line up. Trevor: “Econoline Crush, in my opinion, is a musical project. It’s never been much of a band because we’ve always had so many different people come and go all the time that it’s just a concept. It’s the idea of putting riffs and strong, rock guitar-driven melodies with a vocal melody that almost contradicts it, that’s almost cutting across the grain, like smooth, melodic vocal over top of searing guitars. It’s not really hard to do if you don’t lose the plot. “I think maybe in the past we’ve kind of missed the plot when we’ve started writing and I just think I’ve always been the driving force of Econoline. People come and go from Nine Inch Nails all the time, but it’s always going to be Nine Inch Nails. Same deal.

i think i’m going to go back to carl’s and have the guy who did my halo 14 tattoo add to it. i’ve been strugling to come up with something that would include the line “left with all that was and all that could have been” in a separate tat. so i’m going to have him do something up to add. my only concern is having retard nin fans go on about how “and all that could have been” isn’t halo 14. it’s also not the exact lyric from either “the great below” or “and all that could have been” so 😛

after such a shit day at work yesterday i left today after 3 hours. watching shows on big foot hunters, i remembered that adr2 thought she saw big foot on our way to philly for the 2 club shows in 05. ha.

elijah wood’s character kevin in Sin City looks a whole lot like harry potter. ha.

so ages ago, carolyn and i had a blog of our own funny quotes. been reading them and found this one
sara: capital G for emphasis on god
sara: lol

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