dream: using barbie dolls to reenact scenes and looks of britney spears and christina aguilera ha

popmart dvd. it comes complete with pop up edge. fantastic. and a great quote: “…the emergence of the quartet for the encore, alighting from the spangling Lemon like gay-acting robots from a space capsule (lol), to launch into the riff-munching big beat hoolie that is Discotheque. Knowing homage to Spinal Tap, inspired stroke of laugh-out-loud silliness, and simply gobsmacking the coup de theatre all rolled into one. “The Lemon” has entered the history of rock show gimcrackery alongside Black Sabbath’s Stonehenge (lol) and The Stones’ inflatable penis, and knocked them all into a cocked hat. And if you’d ever wondered where that Lemon is now, Edge has some breaking news… “Our manager has been handling the Lemon issue, ” he tells me. “At one point I believe he was trying to sell it to the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. That would have been perfect. As a vehicle I’m afraid it has its limitations – it probably wouldn’t get you to work and back. But it could make someone a fantastic cocktail bar.

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