Heaven and Hell

tonight was the heaven and hell show with queensryche and alice cooper. this was a show i went to just to go, mainly for alice cooper, cuz he’s a legend. it was at darien lake, which was weird to be at considering the amusement park is closed during the week now.

anyway. queensryche. i really had no clue what they sounded like, and did not expect to know anything. but it turns out i did know one song – jet city woman – but then i realized i knew it from some cd compilation tv commercial and thought that was kind of sad ha.

alice cooper was flippin fantastic. seriously. i figured out that i knew 2 alice songs – school’s out and feed my frankenstein but only from wayne’s world – but then it turns out i knew 4! hah i also knew no more mister nice guy (which i didn’t know was alice) and poison (or is it venomous poison?). but what a show. he truly is the father of that whole “shock rock” elaborate stage show genre. most impressive was a song about dead babies, and him simulating taking a hammer to a baby in a carriage and coming out with a bloody baby doll HA! and also the gallows, which followed the dead baby song, where they hung alice in a straight jacket haha. there was also this ballet dancer that got slapped around, which turns out is alice’s daughter, and an alice dummy that he stabs in the beginning of the show. he was on longer than i expected, about an hr 15, and included an encore.

heaven and hell/black sabbath with ronnie james dio. did not know any of the songs, as expected. they didn’t play the 2 sabbath songs that i do know (paranoid/iron man). but i’ll take great guitar rock any day. my only complaint, is that every song was like 15 min long (literally, adr2 said that heaven and hell is a 4 min song and it was really 15 min long live). i’d space out in the middle of songs, then come to again and realize they were still playing the same song. so it feels like they only played 5 songs, tho they played an hour and a half at least.

the crowd was amusing of course, it was a metal show what do you expect? my favourite was the guy near us towards the end that was channeling james hetfield circa “and justice for all”, with the wife with the matching hair. we figured they must have gotten a 2 for 1 perm deal. ha i still don’t think anyone will beat the 60 year old skinny white dude and short fat hispanic lady dancing at depeche mode.


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