body at the aud?

so here’s the post
sept 13
Earlier today I was walking on the waterfront with a friend and noticed Crime Scene Investigation trucks and undercover cars parked behind the Memorial Auditorium.

When we got close enough to see the back of the building, we seen that the “plywood” door that allows access into the building was open and numerous officers and detectives were standing outside.

Feeling stupid, we asked if we could be allowed to just take a peak in the building, as we are hugeeee sabres fans.

They said no this is a crime scene, if it were different circumstances we’d let you look but just not now.

My friend had the guts to ask what kind of investigating they were doing and the cop, still polite, said that a body was found.

So, when you see this on the news tonight or in the paper tomorrow, dont be shocked.



boyx showed it to me when i called him a liar. i still told him i don’t believe it. he’s like, who would make up a story like that? um lots of people, including ME and most of my friends LOL! he’s like, it seems sort of elaborate to be made up. no it doesn’t! there’s no info in that post at all. and who’s to say the cops weren’t there investigating something else – maybe caught people inside, or people stealing – and to be dicks they said they found a body. I’d do that too!! it’d fucking be on the news by now if it was true.

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