i dreamed about perez hilton. haha i’m a nerd. i was with someone else, possibly heather, and we had gotten called to babysit for someone. we had to meet the person at a starbucks type place to pick up the baby. so we go to the place and it turns out the person we’re babysitting for is none other then christina aguilera. so we sit down at her table for a bit with her, and who is across the restaurant with an entourage? britney spears. and she puts a tape into a tape deck and starts singing… or “singing”. it’s some new song she’s working on that she’s playing for her entourage. so me and heather and christina are trying to listen to the song, which is absolute crap, and decide if she’s just lipsynching or not. christina said that britney was totally lipsynching, because she can tell those things. then i guess christina leaves, and i’m like holy shit i so need to email perez hilton about all this!!!

also dreamed i was going back to europe for a week in march for nin shows, and 2 and a half weeks of nin shows in the us in september. i was trying to find someone to go with me but couldn’t.

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