still in my u2 mood…

the amazing thing about the boston 05 bootleg is not the band, and it’s certainly not bono or the setlist. it’s the incredible amount of crowd participation. u2 crowds are usually up on every single song – you don’t get alot of casual fans at the shows because the tickets are so hard to get. but the boston bootleg in particular is RIDICULOUS. you can hear the crowd singing, loudly, on almost every song. it’s pretty surreal. i can’t imagine what it’s like for the band.

i also had forgotten how rude/funny bono was in the buffalo 01 bootleg. during “in a little while” a guy had crowd surfed up to bono on the tip of the heart. bono said “you’re a little overweight…for flying. you weren’t designed to fly, friend.” hahaha.

and “where the streets have no name” is one of the most incredible live song experiences ever. there is really nothing that compares to how “streets” builds, and the band comes in, and it’s just…as close as i’ll ever get to a religious experience. the lighting the band used for it during the elevation tour was the most perfect too. the spinny light things. honestly, i can’t remember what the lighting was like on vertigo tour, so it must not as been as good haha.

since the boston 05 bootleg had 25 songs i’m adding 4 more to my setlist (i’ve excluded all songs that bono’s voice can’t handle anymore, like “the unforgettable fire” and “lemon” etc, tho lemon, especially as macphisto, would be so fantastic)
1. last night on earth
2. do you feel loved
3. stay
4. so cruel 🙂

on top of this kate sent me an article about daniel lanois, where he says that him and brian eno are working on u2’s new record, and the whole thing feels like the achtung baby era again. exciting tho i’ll believe it when i hear it. they also said that how to dismantle an atomic bomb was a guitar record and look how that turned out LOL!

i also dreamed that boyx came exploring with me somewhere. and about jehovah witnesses going door to door and having doors slammed in their face at each house. and that i was in london, or rather, had recently been and forgotten to go to camden market.

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