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my hand looks like i punched someone. boyX has been the only one to notice, and so he’s started telling people i punched someone hahah. if only that was true, instead of my blood vessel randomly burst for no reason.

so since i heard a song at work a few days ago that reminded me of “Running to Stand Still” i’ve been in a big u2 mood. that has included going through bootlegs to find a good live version of above song, and actually listening to the boston 05 bootleg for the first time. i was reminded of how shit ass the order of that setlist was. there are still moments that make me smile, and moments i wish bono would shut up, and songs i wish weren’t in the setlist. and i was reminded about songs i didn’t like and still don’t (ie miracle drug). i also listened to pop giants, the last popmart show, which is great great great.

so that led to me thinking of my ideal u2 setlist…
1. mofo
2. until the end of the world
3. beautiful day
4. city of blinding light
5. the unforgettable fire
6. out of control
7. love and peace or else
8. hold me thrill me kiss me kill me
9. gone
10. with or without you w/shine like stars
11. acrobat
12. please
13. love is blindness
14. mysterious ways
15. sunday bloody sunday
16. bullet the blue sky
17. running to stand still
18. dirty day
19. discotheque
20. where the streets have no name
21. walk on

i limited it to a fair 21 song set heheh. they’re getting old you know 🙂 and for the fun of it, songs i never ever want to see ever/ever again
1. yahweh
2. the playboy mansion
3. miracle drug
4. grace
5. the wanderer
6. peace on earth
7. miss sarajevo (sorry haha)
8. miami

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