don’t really know how it started but. i was on set of a new movie red scream films was making about vampires. somehow i got to play a small part in the beginning where scary vampires or demons or someone backed me into a corner and were going to turn me. that somehow turned into me actually being recruited to become a vampire. i was told i had to find someone who i think was named ephraim for protection because there would be people after me. i couldn’t find this person/vampire and was told by someone else to go to this one store and that he’d be there. so i find the store and it’s like a “goth” store, with all sorts of clothes and stockings and make up. but i see the whole place is full of normal people just shopping there. so i bought some fishnets and was sad because i was going to be found by these people after me. i must have said something to the cashier about being disappointed, and he said something to me which apparently was in code. he was a vampire and knew why i was there. he said ephraim was gone but to go through this door in the back of the store. so i did, and there was a big apartment back there and a girl who apparently was a vampire. when i walked in she knew why i was there, and she became my sort of vampire mentor. she took care of me and taught me things and protected me from the people who come after vampires. i wasn’t a full vampire at this point and i needed a male vampire to complete the change, and she arranged this from me, but i was scared because he was a hideous old man haha. i guess it happened because the dream continued. we pretended we were high school students in order to blend in, and prom was coming up. we were making plans to go to prom with the other vampire students. things started to go wrong in the vampire culture though. these “people” who were after us were causing trouble, everyone was scared. we had things that told the future to us and all signs were pointing to something bad happening. most people didn’t know we were all vampires, but some were being careless and letting normal people see that we could fly and normal people were getting suspicious. one day arriving at school all the places the vampire kids hung out – like the library because the librarian was a vampire, the art rooms, etc – the whole wing of the school was trashed and they were going to burn it down to get rid of us. prom came, and me and my mentor went together but we were late so instead of getting to sit at a normal table, we had to sit at a bar on stools. the jocks were sniffing around trying to find out what was really going on, and they were after me specifically. they tried to attack me but i got away and left the prom, and was driving down river road keeping an eye out for anyone who seemed to be after me. i saw a car full of jocks at a stop light and tried to lay low, went through the intersection but at the last minute they saw me and backed into my car. the next day all these kids were accusing me of hitting the jock car on purpose and killing them. i got really angry trying to explain that they are the ones that backed into me on purpose, and how is it possible for me to hit another car with the side of mine.

i think that was it. we wore really awesome clothes in the dream. haha.

it’s too hot out. feels like 94. ug.

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