the life you didn’t lead

wow…the south park Michael Jackson/Blanket/Framing Rich Black Men episode…dear lord LOL!!!! the “shamons” are classic
“the life you didn’t lead” (unreleased With Teeth song)
From somewhere
To someplace safe

And for once
As you watch
The color of the sunset
As it paints the walls

And you are not living in a memory
You are vital and alive
You are at peace
You are godlike

And you are safe

And that moment will last
In a place
In your mind

There is no pain
And you forget what it feels like
And you can see
How it could be

dream i had last night. my parents had bought tickets for some apparently very classy and exclusive play at sheas – for me, them and their friend. however none of our seats were together, and sheas had a strange reverse seating part where your back was to the stage and you had to watch it on tv screens. that’s where my seat was. there was an opening act for this play, and it was britney spears….wtf. i’m sitting there by myself waiting, and who shows up and happens to have the seat next to me? dan. he apparently came in from minn. to see this play and small world sat next to me. so britney comes on and you hear just a wave of laughter through the crowd. the performance was ridiculous and the whole time i kept thinking about the review i was going to write about it to send to perez hilton. she changed outfits and wigs every song, and wasn’t in shape, still had baby fat, sometimes she was singing because she was in the aisle near us and we could hear her real voice, sometimes she was lip synching. and dan was flabbergasted that i was interested to see the performance, and i was like I DONT LIKE HER I JUST WANT TO BE ON PEREZ!!! these 2 gay guys next to dan then started being all, oooh i love perez, that’s so awesome!! haha. i dunno. weird.

in other news, my scanner is smart enough to know when it’s scanning money, and it tells you you’re not allowed to print it hahahah noreasoniwasscanningmoney

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