last week someone on had gotten into the memorial auditorium. my first reaction was pissed off. my 2nd was that i actually didn’t really care (i’m so bored with buffalo and indifferent to exploration at this time). i didn’t really know what the point of trying was, when you can’t see a damn thing in complete darkness. a tiny flashlight isn’t going to make a difference. so i thought, well whatever, maybe some day i’ll get in legally. then someone sent me the photos. and i was sorta interested again. they’re not good pictures in the slightest, but they’re very sad. i have absolutely no memory of what the aud looks like inside. i was there as a very little kid for disney on ice shows, and i saw a sabres game in what…95? with adr and her youth group. as i was telling phill the other day the only memory i have of that game is that we played pittsburgh, and i just remember jagr and everyone shooting the puck behind the net along the boards and it was boring. last row oranges behind the goal. and it ended in a tie. i have no idea who was even on the sabres at that point.

anyway. it did sorta spark my interest into finding the way in again. i parked near an interesting…i don’t know what you even call it…an area that ends up under ground level on the side of the building. possible that it offers access into a basement, but it also may not go anywhere. and it was full of wood and debris. i was on my way to the game so i didn’t check it out much…and other than that, i have no. clue. at. all. how one would get in.

oh well. and wow it is in bad shape. serious reuse, especially as a smaller capacity venue would take aaaalooottt of money to fix up. you can see the bad air quality in the photos, mold and “orbs”, lots of debris. and sadly some graffiti. and not amusing graffiti at that.

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