We Will Rock You

we will rock you – so fantastic. i’ve always thought queen’s music was made for musicals haha. so of course, now that it actually IS a musical, of course it’s fabulous. one of the great things about it, it’s a comedy too. and it’s up to the minute contemporary, making reference to britney spears shaving her head. they also make an effort to connect to the audience – canadian jokes and references. so it was very amusing as well as having excellent singers and a cute story. well…don’t know if cute is the word. it’s not exactly “deep” but it’s fun, making fun of pop culture. the basic plot is it’s 300 years in the future and the world is run by a single giant corporation and everyone dresses the same and acts the same and listens to the same computer programmed music. an underground resistance group is trying to bring back the rock by finding “the dreamer” who is the only one who can find brian may’s hidden guitar, to save the world. and it ends in front of the ruins of wembley stadium hahah. one of the main girl characters is played by susie who was on Rockstar INXS. kinda funny since Mig on Rockstar INXS had been in the London production. anyway. loved it. cute, funny, great music, great singing, definitely recommend if you have the chance.

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