Brussels 2

How can the 2nd Brussels show really compare? haha

Today it snowed. Lucky for us, S, V, Sue and I were in a coffee shop for most of it. Sue got blamed for bringing the snow from Canada though.

Nothing special for us today, and how could anyone expect anything else from the band. We almost had another Hurt fiasco but it was kept under control and Trent didn’t seem to get pissed. But maybe next time he plays Brussels he’ll decide that the town shouldn’t get to hear that song if they’re going to be disrespectful. I may think it’s boring and I may be tired of seeing it, but still…it’s a great song, and everyone should shut up during it haha.

Setlist was something like: Mr Self Destruct, Sin, Terrible Lie, March of the Pigs, Something I Can Never Have, The Beginning is the End, Closer, Burn, Wish, Help Me I Am In Hell, You Don’t, Survivalism, Only, Suck, Reptile (yay), You Know What You Are, Hurt, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like A Hole…so a bit different and mixed up. No Gave Up…I didn’t miss it but I’d rather it over Suck. I don’t have alot else to say about it. The massive post yesterday took it all out of me. 🙂

I realized that I need to see so many shows because when in front I spend probably 1/3rd of the time with my eyes closed. 🙂 And I think that every now and then I do need to watch from farther back just so I can see it all.

My wishlist for the remaining 3 shows: The Fragile, We’re In This Together and The Becoming at least one more time. And any time he wants to throw in something from total left field, like Physical or And All That Could Have Been, that’d be fine too.

Hell I’m happy with anything.

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