Nine Inch Nails Cologne

Wednesday brought the NIN show in Cologne. Having no idea where it was, we took a cab to the venue – across the river, in a very industrial area. The venue itself appears to have been some sort of industrial structure or warehouse at one point. And as has become expected on our trip so far, there was construction. It follows us. We got there around 1 and Sue was the only one there. S & V had gone for coffee and still hours later there were only about 8 of us in the Spiral. By doors at 6:15 there was MAYBE 25 Spiral kids. Needless to say, we all got on the rail. Directly in front of Trent. It felt like Rochester but missing a few (a lot of) key players :). The day actually went pretty fast, and there was much laughter about misheard song lyrics, the Russian “I will let you die”, Sue’s friend thinking “Down In It” was “I was in a bucket, now I’m down in it.” college roommate Danielle thinking “Terrible Lie” was “Turn off the lights”. There were others I now forget, but we had a good laugh. We also discussed Trent offending every country he goes to, and Germans throwing sausages at them last time they were here. We sat in the sun to stay warm, since pretty much wherever we were, that was the Spiral line. It was sorta amusing that when Brandy came out to give us tickets she was holding about 35 envelopes instead of the amount she had in London where she just gave them to the box office to hand out. Good for us though. It was pretty chill and relaxed all day. We went into the actual Spiral line when other people started to show up and they seemed pissed that we passed them all and went to the front of the line. Um hello, you saw us sitting in the sun across the street, we’ve been here all day. Whatever. It was sort of funny, S acted as a translator for the rest of us, and when doors opened security asked us to step forward…but in German…and none of us moved. Ha ha we had no clue until S told us to move haha.

The show itself. It was mostly the same set list as London 1 – opening with “Somewhat Damaged” followed by “Last”. At that point I heard Aaron talk for the first time ever during a show. He said, “What are you guys fucking bored?” I guess the rest of the place behind me wasn’t into it. It seemed to get better though, because Trent insinuated during his funny story that we redeemed his opinion of Germans. His funny story to come later after Adr2 and Bliss get my postcard. I don’t want to ruin it for them haha. I’ve already told them half the stuff I’ve written to them haha.

In the set they added new song “The Beginning is the End” – it has tambourine – I’m happy. Having only heard it twice I don’t quite know it enough to feel like I can participate haha. Heresy, Ruiner, Burn, The Day The World Went Away, Survivalism, Suck, and the regulars. Trent’s voice didn’t seem to bother him until the end, around Hurt. He dropped notes down during The Hand That Feeds, as he sometimes does if he’s not well. And this time Josh was sick – one of the reason’s for Trent’s funny story, to give Josh a rest. But Josh was still spectacular. Trent almost fell off the stage during Piggy on his way down. And I don’t quite understand why he goes into the audience because it seems like he really doesn’t enjoy it. He wasn’t near us, so I could watch him this time (I didn’t have a face full of Trent stomach, not that I’m complaining), and he seems to almost cringe and just keep his eyes shut the whole time. It wasn’t too rough, only a few crowd surfers, and I wasn’t completely smashed. Ended up with a few nice pains though because of how I was forced to stand. Wearing a belt hurts at the moment haha.

Still waiting to get “The Fragile” and “We’re In This Together”…I think those are the only other songs being recently played that I haven’t heard yet. Of course, London 4 got “The Fragile”. They probably got it today in Dortmund too, or will in Tilburg :P. I decided to go to the 2nd Brussels show if I can find a ticket (not worried), and the 2nd Berlin show if I see everything I want to see in the city on the off days. Kim said she’d look on the Spiral for me, since we had no/expensive internet in Cologne. We’ll see. The 2nd Amsterdam show is when we are traveling to Berlin so that’s out.

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