Meeting Old Friends and NIN London #3


Got up early to finally meet up with Kevin at Paddington Station, before going to meet Glen and his family at St Pauls. It was sorta weird to finally meet him as well, cuz like I said it should have happened 10 years ago. We had coffee at the station, then headed to St Pauls, got more drinks, and sat on the steps to wait for Glen at noon. Caught up on everything since we were last in touch (aside from last week haha). Glen and his wife Anna and his 2 kids arrived. Cute cute kids, Syd a budding photographer haha. We walked over the Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern. One of their exhibits at the moment are big slides that run from different levels down to the bottom. We all took a ride down, it was the shortest one, but wow super dizzy at the bottom. Syd loved it and went down a few times. The kids needed some food, so Kevin and I started looking around. It was one of those moments where I don’t get art…and when I think I need to stick some branches into some plaster and make up some long pretentious bull about what it represents and how awesome it, and I am and get someone to buy it for 1000s of dollars. One of the art works was a railing attached to the wall. Wtf. But then we did also get to see Dali and Picasso and some Monet, art that was actually something special and different. It was actually someone creating something from nothing, not going to Home Depot, buying a piece of railing, and calling it art. The 2ndfloor had an exhibit you needed a ticket for but part was free, by Gilbert and George, very political pieces, lots of color and text, and generally cool looking work. We went to find Glen and family, and Syd went on the slides again, then we started to walk back toward St Pauls. I wanted to get to Brixton around 3, and Kevin had to get to work.


So we departed and I headed to Brixton. Alex and David were already there and told me to get my tickets right away because Brandy had been out to say something was going to happen. Well…that didn’t work out in the end. Brandy ended up coming out around 5 or so to tell everyone that nothing was going to happen, Trent changed his mind, and we could all go get food etc.

I was in a bad mood, feeling literally sick to my stomach, and claustrophobic. Once in we were in the usual place but I decided I wasn’t going to be able to handle it today. I was getting hostile and feeling like I was going to snap at someone so I headed back a bit. There were rails in the middle of the floor every so often so I headed to stay near one of them. Well everyone I ended up being around was ridiculously annoying in one way or another. If it wasn’t couples who needed a room, it was the idiot who kept glaring at me when I’d push him, after moshers pushed him into me. Dude. Push them back into the pit retard. I finally left that area too and ended up behind the sound board…dealing with these drunk kids who were irritating. I stayed there though because there wasn’t much choice left haha.

3 shows, 3 different setlists. They began playing The Downward Spiral all the way through until The Becoming, in order, but skipping Ruiner. After The Becoming came Last which sounded way better today for some reason – not sure if it was because I was far back and the acoustics were better or if it was just better. From TDS we also got Eraser, Reptile (yay) and Hurt (boo). I thought it would have been neat if they did just play TDS all the way through. What else did we hear today…Wish, Gave Up, Help Me I Am In Hell, La Mer/Into the Void, No You Don’t, Only, The Hand That Feeds, Survivalism, Dead Souls, Head Like A Hole….Trent talked a bit more, and it seemed as if his voice wasn’t bothering him as much. But by the end of the show, the closing Hurt, Hand that Feeds and HLAH it seemed to be bothering him again.

Awesome show of course, despite my crap crowd experience and being hostile and irritated. I must say the merch bootleggers in the UK are way better than the US. Because of the people I’m with I didn’t find it appropriate to yell “I don’t even like nine inch nails” when they would ask if I wanted a shirt. They just wouldn’t get it and would think I had tourrettes or something. But I thought it to myself. And actually I’ve bought 2 items…a black and red stripe girl shirt with the NIN logo, and a pretty nice zip up hoodie that has the logo and “performance 2007” embroidered on it. It’s also amusing to watch the coppers carrying arm loads of confiscated bootleg shirts haha.

I’m on the verge of convincing Adr2 to meet us in Brussels or Amsterdam. 🙂 Somehow things don’t feel exactly right without her next to me, and I find it hard to get as excited by myself. So much of the tour has been shared with her, that it’s just weird. I need someone I can just look at, and know what we’re thinking about, regarding some idiot near us, or a super hot Trent moment. Tho Alex did a good job in sharing hot Trent moments. And he’s straight hahaha.

So the first leg of the journey is over. We depart for Dusseldorf/Cologne tomorrow morning. The non English speaking leg begins. I won’t be nervous until we land and everyone’s speaking something else. Though that’s not that much different from work – just a different language that I don’t know being spoken.
(I remembered another Bono Trent moment – in the preshow music Trent’s now playing Lou Reed’s “Sattelite of Love” haha Maybe next Trent will come out in gold lame and devil horns haha)

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