London Show 2

London show #2 3-8-07

Special event for the Spiral kids today – we were let in to listen to Year Zero and have some snacks. We got let in around 4:30, there was sandwiches and dessert things and tea. Jeordie and Aaron came out to introduce the album. Jeordie was smiling and actually looked cute. Aaron was funny, telling us they were going to have pizza for everyone but thought we’d be out of our element so we got tea and crumpets instead. Jeordie then began to play the album off his phone/pda into the mic before having the album start on the sound system. Initial reaction – it’s kind of hard to gauge, just like when Adr2 and I went up to Toronto to hear With Teeth. Listening to it that loud with echo and distortion of the venue, vocals were drowned out and things like that. Trent said it began as an experiment in noise and you can definitely hear that. I don’t really know why but it kept reminding me of Gary Numan. It’s going to take some listens by myself in my car etc before I can really form an opinion on it. It’s promising, let’s say 🙂 I’m not scared anymore haha.

After the album finished we were let back into the lobby to collect our cameras and cell phones, and instead of shipping us back outside like they were going to, we were able to queue inside to get right back on to the floor not long after.

The show itself started and I was a bit disappointed that it seemed like we were right back to the same old show… Love Is Not Enough, Sin, Terrible Lie, March of the Pigs, Something I Can Never Have, The Frail/The Wretched (which I was glad to see back)…but then he threw in The Beginning is the End from Year Zero, which came off very cool, tho having only heard it an hour before it’s kind of hard to really compare. That was followed by Closer, with super hot homoerotic trent/aaron action. Instead of Burn following, they brought back Deep. Awesome. Hadn’t seen that since..the November 05 leg. I think No You Don’t followed, Gave Up, Help Me I Am In Hell, Eraser…what else..Survivalism, Wish, Hurt, The Hand That Feeds – renamed “A Lovesong for George Bush” – Head Like A Hole, oh! La Mer/Into the Void…no Piggy and no Suck, score! Haha. I feel like I’m missing something there.

Have you ever heard a Polish guy sing Hurt? And no this is not the beginning of a bad joke. The crowd today was 10x worse than yesterday, I was smashing this poor super short girl in front of me, then eventually got pushed in between her and V at the rail. All the pushing by these 2 Polish or maybe Russian guys, who when they weren’t singing broken english lyrics, they were talking in whatever language. But Hurt in Polish/Russian broken english becomes “I will let you go” and “I will let you die” hahaha. He continuously apologized for crushing us. Dude, we’re at a show, it’s alright. But what isn’t alright is using me for a pogo stick and humping. Brusied up real nice, but feel fine.

Great show again, and just different enough from the 28 other shows from 05-06 to make it not totally…what’s the word? The same. haha

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