Fangirl post #1

I’m going to post my very fangirl review of the first show first, while it’s still somewhat fresh in the mind. Family needs not to read this since I know you won’t care. This is going to be very stream of consciousness as I remember seemingly random things.

We met up with the guy who was going to sell Alex his extra ticket (for less than face value!) and headed to Brixton. Got there around 12:30 maybe, right behind S and V. It was great to see them again and hear their stories of the tour so far. The butter story was the most entertaining, as well as the almost fight/death threat story.

Fast forward to doors, 1 back in front of Aaron. Surprise? Ladytron opened, and I had been interested in seeing what they would be like after looking at their myspace. Sounded good but not extremely exciting on stage. But better than some other opening bands I’ve seen.

/begin fangirl

hfs!! trent went away for a few months and got some new ultra hot moves *dies*. just the first 5 seconds of “somewhat damaged” and the little move he did….gah. I really think he has come into his sexiness as he has aged, because I would never describe Downward Trent as being sexy…but dear lord.

/end fangirl???

As expected “Somewhat Damaged” followed by “Last”, then followed by of all things “Heresy”…incredible opening to a show. “Heresy” was totally unexpected and I was very happy that I hadn’t been looking at setlists. The whole show was really a surprise, as to what was going to come next. In the end, there was 1 Pretty Hate song, most of Broken, 7 Downward songs, a few Fragile and 2 With Teeth.

I really had forgotten that Jeordie was even there until the beginning of “Eraser” when they start playing with the old factory beat up looking light fixtures (which gave me a revelation, more later) that have strings on them so they can grab them and swing them around. He had way too much fun doing that hahahaha. It was really hard to take ones eyes off of Trent.

Setlist…this is what I remember in no particular order: Somewhat Damaged, Last, Heresy, March of the Pigs, Piggy, Ruiner, Closer, Burn, Gave Up, Help Me I Am In Hell, Eraser, Hurt, The Day The World Went Away, The Big Comedown, Only, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like A Hole, Wish, Suck, Survivalism….

It was a fairly tame crowd, smooshed, but there wasn’t a single idiot violent ass person around us, it was a nice change. Not hurt at all, tho I’ve now noticed my wrist is bruised but no idea how – I was pressed up against S the whole show. Very few crowd surfers, and it was rather cool as the smoke fans the band used blew right on us more or less. At one point the security guard offered me water, and I looked at him like “Why?” There was no need. Of course a few people back they were all hot and dying, so he stood in front of us to pass back water…right as The Big Comedown started…dude…seriously…big comedown you need to move!!! He finally did and good thing too 😛

Oh right, before the show, V had gone to the bathroom to scope out the USB situation, and S and I were talking about where they had been found etc etc etc, wondering where they’d be today…neither one of us realizing that it was right in front of us taped to a flyer on the rail hahaha. She noticed and grabbed it. We’ll see tomorrow what was on it this time.

There were alot of Americans there. A good chunk of the Spiral line were Americans. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Makes things feel alot like they did back in the states, and I had sorta been looking forward to something different.

But we did get it. We got a completely different show, and thinking about what was not played, like Terrible Lie, I didn’t miss the omissions. It was really nice to see a completely different show than the With Teeth tour. I wouldn’t say it has alot to do with the concept of Year Zero (yet) but different songs, and you can sort of see how the shows could morph into being more meaningful as to the concept of the album. Sorta seems like the songs Trent has chosen for this leg could fit into the theme of the new record if you try real hard haha.

Very awesome show. At one point while queuing we had remarked about how many security guards were around – alot – which was odd. S ended up hearing later that there were so many guard around because there was going to be a meet and greet. I swear to god, the NIN camp scopes out the line to see who’s in it, and then decides to have a meet and greet based on that. And that means I will never ever meet that bastard! haha 😉 29 shows and counting…

Ah yes the revelation…another rumor is that Trent is doing a Year Zero movie. And looking at the faux ruined “factory” lights, I realized how perfectly Buffalo Central Terminal, and other Buffalo abandonments, could fit into the theme of Year Zero. speaks of a dirty bomb hitting the oscars in LA…the Terminal could easily be used as a set for that sort of storyline, without having to make a fake set. So many other places that could be used for sets in a Year Zero themed movie. So now my main goal in life is to get Trent to use the Terminal in his YZ movie, and then work on the piano concert on the Terminal mezzanine. 🙂 And going along with that, the art show I want to do..

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