without getting into too much detail here, what i’m talking about can easily be guessed with the proper attention to details.

why is it that people feel the need to right the wrongs they have done during the christmas season? happened last year, happening again this year. why doesn’t this happen say, mid june, instead of during this arbitrary time of year associated with the birth of christ? why do these “wrongs” happen at all, why can’t you just be a man and own up to your mistakes when they happen, or not let them happen at all to begin with. i always expected more of you than that.

and i’m not going to be some back up friend, asked around when it’s convenient to you, and available for you to be used when you need to clear your conscience. fuck your conscience. if you can’t live with yourself and your behavior – and i can’t understand how you possibly could – it’s not my problem and i just simply don’t care.

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