kmfdm with combichrist tonight at buffalo icon. it was nice to go to a show where i had absolutely no expectations. i had no idea what it would be like, and it was sorta neat, because the music is so different than what i’ve seen live before. adr2 and bliss said that combichrist was not good, but turns out they were way better live. they were good. they had two drummers which was cool. they reminded me of alex, jerome’s replacement last fall, and blue man group hahah. there was another guy i couldn’t see, he was the “dj” i guess. the singer reminded me of jay gordon and the bauhaus roadie. yeah. liked them. i thought kmfdm was pretty good. different kind of feel to a show. and lucia is way hot. it was interesting to be at show where you’re not the superfan, and get to watch all these other superfans. it was funny haha. i had fun, enjoyed the show more than i did tool…which is a bit unfortunate, but whatever.

the hair dying was successful. my hair is a nice cherry color…well as cherry as dark hair is gonna get. i like it, and most of it washed off my skin. of course it’ll fade tomorrow when i wash it. i may try the mixing color with shampoo tip, but i’m scared of dying everything i own red… tons of product in it trying to make it sorta mohawky.


i had a pumpkin muffin today and had a flashback to the oct/nov tour trips… adr2 and bliss incorrectly thought they were all i ate during the trip. haha

i’ve been getting bad headaches every night now for a week or so…they hurt so much they wake me up. the only day i didn’t get one was sunday when i had to get up at 12 so dusty could take portraits of me in the terminal. i really don’t think it’s from sleeping too long, cuz i’ve been getting approx the same amount of sleep each night…make them go away

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