tool concert in cleveland tonight. headed up with tony, phil and patrick, got in around 6:30 and tried to find a place to eat. reminder: i hate cleveland. as patrick put it, you shouldn’t have to go more than 2 blocks in any big city to find a restaurant. but there were none. eventually found a place, and had sorta crap service, but whatever.

the show. the floor was all seats, and we had seats side stage mid section, and they ended up being really good. tony was impressed hehe. isis opened, and they were the same sort of art/atmospheric-metal type thing that tool does. i swear they only played 4 really long songs. they weren’t bad, but to me, sort of boring. tool came on around quarter after nine and opened with stinkfist. rockin of course. followed by the pot, i think it’s called, which wasn’t bad. but most of the rest of the show was new stuff, and given the fact that i still don’t like the album, i was kinda just eh about it. i don’t think the setlist showed off the fact that maynard is (still) the best rock singer around. they were easy songs to sing – and of course he makes singing seem so simple – and just…not the best choices to show how good that band is. 3 songs from aenima – stinkfist, 46&2, aenima, 2 songs from lateralus – schism, lateralus, the rest was new stuff. they played one of the songs from 10,000 days that i can’t listen to because the guitar tone shoots right through me something awful. i think they also played the 2 longest songs of the record, and it just bugs the hell out of me. it was boring. just as trent doesn’t do an encore, they only had a “sort of” encore…they never left the stage, they all got rid of their instruments and sat on the stage for a few minutes, then got back up and started with lateralus. highlights: lateralus and aenima (the closer). lateralus was incredible…disappointed that there was no “sober”…a song that truely shows off maynard’s voice, and gives me chills. nothing from undertow.

looks like the setlist was the same as the toronto show, which was
The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

maynard had a mohawk, and looked oddly attractive in jeans and a cowboy hat. and it sort of disturbs me that i think that. haha

so it was good, i’m not sure tool can be bad, but as patrick said in the car, he thinks they were better when he saw them with lateralus. i agree. i wouldn’t see them again this tour, but of course i’d go again in the future.

in other news….Lacuna Coil – December 12th Toronto, ON – Kool Haus. they’re supposed to be touring in november as well. yay! hopefully they don’t play all new stuff 🙂

back to work tomorrow.

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