The Xs

today brought meeting someone from uer who i was quite mad at for a while for adding a bunch of wny locations to the database. he’s not a bad guy and knows better now haha. he wanted to shoot 360 panoramics of the terminal, so i met him there at 2. board meeting at 5. the usual haha. mary called at the end of the meeting about going to diablo to see brett from fuel’s new band The X’s. sure why not. went to dinner with ctrc people first then met mary at the bar. there were actually people there this time hahaha. breakerbox opened, and i had heard about them from their participation in the bct benefit cd. they were pretty good. the x’s were fun. hyper. seemed like the had a good time playing together. grabbed the setlist for mary and hung about to get the band members to sign it. brett had been sitting at the bar the whole time, but after the show disappeared. haha boo. waited around a bit and he finally reappeared so mary got to talk to him, and got a picture and all that. had a good time. it was nice to hang out and catch up on things from the past 4 years LOL. aside from running into her a few times at shows, i hadn’t really talked to her much since her and eric broke up. she told me she was glad i didn’t hate her haha. it was good. i need more friends here.¬†between sets the bar did a tattoo contest, and tried to do a best ass and best tits contest. no one was going on stage for the t&a and suddenly brett is standing there showing everyone his ass LOL. the guy from the bar on stage wanted me to go up, i was like I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO SHOW LOL. out of nowhere this weird guy next to me starts yelling in my ear that he’s going to go up there and spread his ass cheeks out and show everyone his butt hole. me and mary were like wtf just happened hahah. good times good times haha.

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