the peaches show

the first opening band was called World Provider. after the first song, i sort of very loudly asked, “what the hell are we watching?” immediately i thought i was watching a will ferrel skit on saturday night live. seriously. i’m still not convinced that this is a real band and not a practical joke. if napoleon dynamite and Anchorman could have a child who sang kareoke it would be this guy. i also LOLed at a few parts of songs. it was just so ridiculous. he also began to channel “2 wild and crazy guys” from SNL at one point too. as adr put it, “he looks like the drunk guy at the office party.” hahah. it was horrible, and yet one couldn’t look away. it was funny cuz the security guard kept laughing at the guy. later suddenly the singer was stripping and was weaing a gold lame jumpsuit. wtf. adr2 motioned to the guard to look, and he burst out laughing again. we’ve seen alot of spaz lead singers in NIN opening bands but this really took the cake.

2nd band was the eagles of death metal. and i think their fabulous only because of their name. i’ve heard about them for a while now, having no idea what they sounded like, but admiring the name. it’s just so great. anyway. they weren’t bad and they were fun. lots of people there knew them, and were nuts. moshing etc. typical toronto show. after a while the songs all sounded the same though.

peaches. fabulous. her own show, so a long long set. the songs we didn’t know were fun, and they had a dance troupe from toronto join them for certain songs. and wow. crazy. this one guy had mesh underwear on…didn’t need to see that. very fun though the crowd wasn’t my favourite. just irritating people. very recommended.

and i think i saw what could possibly be the hottest man ever. my god, he was just so fucking attractive. and he had a mohawk. he’d look great with flock of seagulls hair hahah

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