Jeff Martin in Buffalo

it’s been an eventful 2 days…well…for my life at least haha.

wednesday brought babysitting megan so jenn and jeff could go out. but by saying i babysat, that’s not really true. i was there, and i played with her, but adrienne was there too, and she changed and fed and put megan to bed. but wow she grew alot since i last saw her. and she came to answer the door. wasn’t expecting that haha. but it was fun. hung out with jenn and jeff a bit after they got home, then went to dennys and home.

and then my stomach exploded again. gah 2 times in 1 week.

good thing i went to the dr today. got a prescription again but i also have to go see a stomach specialist, and get a biopsy done or whatever happens when they stick a tube down your throat into your stomach. not til august though.

stopped at starbucks for a pomegranate frap, which wasn’t as good as i had hoped for. but i got a new book about the cold war. *dork*

tonight brought jeff martin at thursday in the square. adr and i headed down around 5, and found joe r. right up front. so joined him and watched burning paris. joe and i were both like, why do we know them? they were all in other bands we had seen before. haha. then jeff martin. i can’t say i’m too enthusiastic about his new stuff. i like dark and moody jeff martin of the tea party, not married father happy jeff martin. of all the tea party songs to do, they did “the messenger” barf. “turn the lamp down low” was good tho. and it turns out, i knew the keyboardist.

my favourite crappy band from the casino featured this really cute guy, but they still did bad versions of u2 songs among the other covers they did. they’d always play on sunday nights. recently i saw them and noticed cute guy was gone. that’s a shame. well cute guy is now the keyboardist for jeff martin. that’s quite a step up! congrats hahaha

so after the square we went to ihop for food before meeting adr2 and bliss at club diablo. ran into paul there, as well as the photographer i spent sunday with at the terminal. there really wasn’t anyone else there, and we totally took over the juke box. tons of nin. it turned into reminiscing night, and we had way more fun that we probably should have. had yummy drink that was basically malibu and pineapple juice, which i had been planning to order anyway. just big, and with a little devil hahah. so yeah. way too much fun.

going to try to get tuesday off to go see peaches in toronto. i got written up for my attendance, for my sick days without sick time. ppl keep thinking i called in to see trent, and i didn’t. i’ve actually been sick!

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