nin show #23 – saratoga

Yesterday was the Saratoga show. It was 95 degrees, and disgusting. Adr1, her sister Amy and i made good time getting to saratoga, but then, as per usual, couldn’t find the venue. grrrrr. got settled in and found adr2 and bliss, and waited in the shade for a few hours til things started moving. spiral people have begun to number themselves a la u2 shows. which is good and bad, because we’re driving each day, we’ll never be able to get there early. and then we can’t jump in line with adr2 and bliss cuz of the number bull. whatever. despite how hot it was, and it was still brutal, it could have been way worse. the saratoga performing arts center is in a forest, so there was lots of shade, and it wasn’t just us sitting on cement in the beating sun all day.

so until a few days ago i thought i had a seat for this show, but then it turns out had a ga pit ticket LOL. so that was nice. there were only 100-150 pit tickets so it was reaaaally small. basically just about 2 people deep and a few stragglers who hung out behind everyone. so that was cool. peaches opened…she’s….interesting. she sings the “sucking on my titties” song that was in Lost in Translation. she’s hyper sexual and adr1 said she was pat benetar on crack. hahaha. she’s entertaining. bauhaus was great. i didn’t know what to expect since i didn’t quite care for what i had downloaded of them. but live was good because it didn’t sound so punk-like. peter murphy is about as poseable as bowie. and daniel ash, totally hot. lol

i had cheated a tiny bit regarding the setlist, so i knew we were going to get a more fragile leaning show, and “non-entity.” they opened with “somewhat damaged” which was incredible. great great opener. the only new songs that got played were “the hand that feeds” “only” and “you know what you are?”. they put one of my favourite elements from the fragility dvd into this show, the trent silhouette against the flashing orange screen during “closer” i was excited haha. instead of a screen they have lcd …ladders? metal rigging with lights on it that come up and down during certain songs. pretty cool. and trent hanging on it, pretty fucking hot hahah. but it was like trent hired u2’s ex set designer…the lcd rigging, coming onto the stage and starting with the lights still on, trent wearing a military shirt (so hot)…haha. “burn” rocked as always and “reptile” just never gets old. trent plays an extended piano piece into “la mer” and i could just watch him play piano all day long. “la mer” isn’t quite whole, it goes right into “into the void” which i was really impressed by. it’s not a hugely difficult song, or anything really special. but it’s so much fun, and i just thought “this is why this is my favourite band in the world.” the song trent said he’d never play “down in it” was pretty cool as well, it’s not as sparse live as it is on the cd. OH and “non entity” of course no one except me adr2 and bliss knew it LOL. ppl started looking at us. and there’s hot tambourine action hahah. it was pretty cool. neat “graphics” on the metal things. they had started the tour doing encores but have stopped again. whatever.

Somewhat Damaged
You Know What You Are?
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Help Me I Am in Hell
La Mer
Into the Void
The Big Come Down
Down In It
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

there was a gathering after the show but we needed to drive back home. next show, saturday, toronto.

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