During the trip I finished reading “A People’s History of the United States”. It was beyond frustrating. Because it really is “everything you never learned” in high school history. It shows the other side of every major event in the US, from the landing of Columbus to The War On Terrorism. And that saying “history repeats itself” is so obviously true when reading the book it made me sick. Everything that is going on now with Dubya and Iraq happened in 91 with Bush Sr, and in the Vietnam era with Johnson and Nixon. One of the reasons my parents are angry at what is going on with Iraq is that the people in power, and the majority of the blindly patriotic population were from the Vietnam era, they should remember what that was like, they should remember the lies the government told to justify a war we should never have been in. And it’s true. The de ja vu is outstanding. And the book was just sick in showing how much president after president lies, and “sells out” for lack of a better term. How nothing ever gets done, how much capitalism sucks (LOL), etc. It really makes you very jaded and anarchistic. It was a great book and I suggest that everyone read it.

And dubya really should be impeached. With everything he’s done, nothing happens, yet Bill gets a blowjob and gets impeached. This country is so fucked.

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