ha! trent dream

dreamed i was back in school. i couldn’t really remember my schedule or my locker comb because for some reason i had missed alot of it. but my first class was some sort of music class and it was in a big lecture hall type room, clam shaped with long tables and chairs and a stage up front. so almost like a concert theatre too. when i walked in trent was walking out of class. the teacher was handing back our tests we had taken on…trent reznor of all things. she was putting them at random on the tables so i had to find mine and find a seat. mine was on the same table as trent’s test so i sat there figuring that he would come back in and sit there. i got a b+ on my trent test and i was like, wtf i should know all this stuff. so i was looking at what i got wrong and one of them was like “who did trent give $1.38 to, to buy a coffee in 1992?” LOL i really wanted to look at trent’s grade cuz i figured he should know all this stuff since it happened to him but i thought it was rude so i didn’t look. someone else sat in that seat and i was all grrr. but then we all had to move down to the front of the room to the stage because trent was going to do a demonstration. so i was sitting front and center and he was on stage in just jeans and a burgandy shirt and a baseball hat, informal much like a sound check. there were some other people from bands there, and the teacher explained that they were there to coach trent on how to use voice inflection to change the meaning of a song. so he starts this song, and he is singing so that he sounds mentally retarded. and i burst out laughing, he hears me and he bursts out laughing. but these people and trent continue with this song and dance thing singing like they’re retarded. hahahahah. class ends and my next class is english, i can’t find the room tho cuz it had been so long since i went to it. i get in and mary from work is there. so i sit with her and she had skipped music class. i told her i was going to skip too but was so glad i didn’t cuz trent showed up and the singing like a retard was the funniest thing i had heard in forever. hahah

wtf haha

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