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Nine Inch Nails – Rochester, NY

Absolutely amazing night.

*warning* this post will be totally fangirl */warning*

amira, the adrs and i headed out to rochester pretty early, got to the arena around 9 and there were 5 people ahead of us. the weather was crap, chilly and rainy but we got to sit under an overhang, and then in a vestibule for a while. so it wasn’t too bad. we got moved outside again, but luckily enough, to another overhang. the weather got better, it stopped raining, and it actually turned into a decent, no need of coats, day. cassie and beth met up with us a bit later, and eric joined in early afternoon. the wait went by pretty fast all things considered. no soundcheck, but the venue was way more organized than the others, and we got in with no problem and all of us ended up at the rail in the center out towards aaron. amira was 1 back behind the girl and her mom (i forget their names, it’s only been 4 shows with them haha), but got to the rail when they were thrown out. the rest of us were all lined up at the rail. it was so great to look down and see all of us there.

anyway. saul williams continues to impress. it’s still so very different that i don’t think the majority of the crowd really gets it, but he is really good. cassie totally got love from him as she rocked out the whole time.

nin…ok wow. we were back to the new flesh/love is not enough/you know what you are type of setlist. got the standards plus “the day the world went away” which we hadn’t seen since…reno? maybe the club shows. piggy was moved from after the “break” to after “march of the pigs” like it used to be. and holy crap.

piggy…not a favourite song and i was not happy it seemed to replace “with teeth” after the break, but trent DOES come down every time during piggy. considering we were right in the center, he came down right to us. as soon as he got down he grabbed my hand, and he was standing right in front of me. so there i was, holding hands with trent fucking reznor the entire time he was there, my face in his stomach, my other hand up the back of his shirt LOL (his bodyguard moved my hand at one point hahah damn). i totally forgot about the entire rest of the crowd. i have no idea if i was being crushed, i have no idea if he was still singing, i had no idea what the adrs on both sides of me were doing. then he was leaning over us and his weight was totally on my head, face in the crotch LOL (and seriously i did not have dirty thoughts). when he pulled back away, adr2 starts yelling to me not to let him go LOL so we have our arms around his legs hahaha. he got down off the ledge and moved to the left of us, and suddenly me and both adrs have our arms linked, totally freaking out. it was so fucking amazing. it was just. just an incredible experience. no idea what happened the rest of the song.

so we’re gawking at trent’s hotness through the whole show, and it seemed to me, and what i could gather from the adrs, that trent was totally fucking with us. it was like “i know i’m hot, and i know they’re totally digging me, so i’m going to be as hot as ever”. talking to the others later, they all thought the same thing, he was totally playing to us. and i know that sounds so totally lame, but seriously that’s what it seemed like. later in the show he started talking about running into a friend of his earlier in the day that he hadn’t seen since the self destruct tour. they talked about how they survived that tour and how much things had changed for them. he started to mention how he had gone away for a while to fix himself and how great it was to be back on stage…and the next part we’re not sure what he really said. it totally sounded like he said it was great to be back on stage with a front row who was totally into the show. and of course, that’s what we all want it to be. but he could have said it was great to be back on stage with a full arena of people into the show. either way, it was totally sweet and somewhat unexpected (especially since the show wasn’t particularly rough, i didn’t know how into the show the rest of the crowd was).

so we rock out the whole time, and we get to “everyday is exactly the same”…time for tambourine hotness haha. typically trent had been throwing the tambourine into the audience after the spoken part where he starts to use it. but he didn’t. and adr2 and i looked at eachother. ok whatever. he finishes the song, picks up the tambourine and throws it to me. like, totally lobbed it softly right to me. holyfuckingshit! i had it right away, and we all start screaming for security to get me out. he didn’t quite get it, since there had been no struggle or any sign that any of us would want to get out. it took him a bit to get that i seriously wanted out. so i got pulled again hahah but this time for a good reason. omg. i totally skipped the entire way to the back of the arena, and danced around like a lunatic to the next song “suck”.

“hurt” was up so i went to the lobby to see if i could get a bag for my tambourine, and i ran into saul williams dj, cxkidtronic. so i talked to him really breifly because he couldn’t hear me at all haha. went back onto the floor and got a message from amy, so her and alex came and found me and we rocked out to “the hand that feeds” (which has really cool looking lighting, never noticed up front) and “head like a hole”. it was funny, cuz i had told them i was front and center before the show started. we were talking after, and alex said that when trent left the stage during “piggy” amy asked where he went, and alex replied “he’s on top of sara” and he so totally was LOL. talked to them for a bit before finding everyone else by the soundboard. it was insane everyone was so hyper and happy about the tambourine and it was so great. patrick from work found me and he was totally psyched about the show. he said he can’t believe he had waited so long to see NIN. everyone seemed to have a really good time.

new flesh/pinion
love is not enough
you know what you are
terrible lie
line begins to blue
march of the pigs
gave up
right where it belongs
beside you in time
the day the world went away
every day is exactly the same
hand that feeds
head like a hole

i was so flying after the show i couldn’t feel a thing. nothing hurt, nothing could go wrong. now…haha. no real bad injuries, my left knee is completely done, more weird bruises i think from getting pulled out because my feet got stuck so it apparently was not as elegant as erie 😛 haha. additional hip bruises, and i did get crushed over the barrier when a crowd surfer fell on me. (which reminds me we had the funniest security guard ever. reminded me and adr1 of Tony from ctrc.)

it was adr1’s first ever nin show and i knew she would completely freak at the total hotness of trent. and she did hahah i am really really glad she got to go to an arena show and see it from up front because the spiral and vegas shows are going to be so different. eric said he enjoyed it.

talking with cassie and beth after, we all agreed this was the perfect show to end this mini tour. it was the last one that we’d all be at together for a while, and to have us all up front, all recognized by trent…it was the perfect perfect ending. it couldn’t have gotten any better.

!!! i have trent reznor’s tambourine…!!!

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