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Nine Inch Nails – Cincinatti

so while toronto1 was my show, cinci was adr2’s show.

i think i’m a moron, because i didn’t quite realize just how far cinci was, and where exactly it was in ohio. for some reason i thought it was in like, mid ohio, not completely across the state, and on the border of kentucky. ha. i know now. the drive took about 6 and a half hours, even going 90 most of the way. and we did end up in kentucky YIKES. that’s alright. it started off pretty nice in line, but got really really cold. no soundcheck or anything, so i was freezing in my dress til they let us in at 6. that’s ok. (but i so totally love the dress)

i think adr2 and i are more teenybopper than ever LOL. the whole thing is just, omg so hot, omg so hot, tambourine so hot haha. the show was great. no songs from the fragile, which makes “closer” seem really odd, and way too early in the set. but that’s ok. adr2 got in a fight during closer haha. “with teeth” which had been infiltrating my brain to be a favourite song is most definitely a favourite song of the moment. live, it’s just so incredible (and sexy). “burn” a highlight as always. the crowd was pretty tame and the guy behind me most of the show seemed afraid to really touch me. haha so that’s ok. better than getting humped from behind.

and then we get to “head like a hole”…pretty typical, i didn’t get kicked in the head like i always seem to during this song. aaron who is a crazy bastard broke the end of his guitar off in the amp which is actually pretty normal…and threw the rest of the guitar into the crowd. so that meant like, right on top of us. and ADRIENNE FUCKING GOT THE GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!! holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha the guitar was way over my head, and i don’t really know how she got it since she was next to me, but she went for it. i turned around and didn’t see her, and i just looked at amira and said “she’s fucking got it”. massive fight for it of course, finally saw her and this kid matt who we hung out with all day, and i just knew she was gonna get it. totally awesome.

the fight ended so i went to look for her and ran into the drummer from Moving Units. he apparently recognized me and asked if i went to every show haha. talked to him for a few minutes, and he was really nice. saw adr2 with the guitar and went to her and security wouldn’t let us leave til everyone cleared out so we wouldn’t get jumped hahaha. rockin.

i didn’t remember my being all shaky and nervous til i told adr1 about it, and she reminded me that i was psychic hahahahah. so here’s hoping for more being super nervous before shows.

1. Pinion
2. Love Is Not Enough
3. You Know What You Are?
4. Terrible Lie
5. The Line Begins To Blur
6. March Of The Pigs
7. Something I Can Never Have
8. Closer
9. Burn
10. Gave Up
11. Eraser
12. Right Where It Belongs
13. Beside You In Time
14. With Teeth
15. Wish
16. Only
17. Every Day Is Exactly The Same
18. Getting Smaller
19. Dead Souls
20. Hurt
21. The Hand That Feeds
22. Head Like A Hole

aaannnddddd kate got me and adr1 our tickets for the super exclusive spiral member only 900 seat show in cali march 31st!! YAAAAY

oh yeah, and before we got to the venue we stopped at the Cincinatti Union Station, also by Felheimer and Wagner. and omg it is breathtaking. it is so beautiful, and so nicely re-developed into 3 museums and an omni max, and stores and restaurants. it’s truely incredible. and a bit depressing, because that could so totally be buffalo central terminal if only someone had some vision and money 20 years ago. very awe inspiring though. tried to find it at night on our way home but couldn’t haha.

the drive home was about 95mph and thank you to the ohio cops who had always pulled someone over already when we went by haha. moms on both sides of us warned about snow – there was about 1 mile of really bad snow outside of cleveland and that was about it. nice drive home, got back at 6:30am. and i slept for 12 hours hahaha

and oh yeah. i feel myself getting sick with the worst of it to hit on friday, so i can go to ottawa for the show 🙂

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