today’s horoscope, very appropriate: Think of what you want — nothing more and nothing less. If a certain person’s name is right at the top of that list, it’s okay. Just remember that you’re after the kind of closeness that allows you to be silent without being uncomfortable.

the tea party was such a great band. i don’t like using “was” to describe them. i sincerely hope jeff martin does some wicked cool solo stuff or i won’t forgive him for breaking up the band. even tho they play the same setlist every show, i totally miss them. i hate possibly never hearing “psychopomp” live again. gah. (was listening to them in the car if you didn’t guess.) (just found this on dime:

“Jeff Martin quits The Tea Party”

After 15 years as frontman for Canadian rock trio The Tea Party, Jeff Martin has decided to pack it in.

Martin has announced his departure from the band to pursue a solo career, according to a press statement.

Despite the decision, Martin left the door open for a possible return to the T.O.-based band.

“I am deeply appreciative of all the support Tea Party fans have shown both the band and me over the years,” Martin said. “While I’m not ruling out a return of The Tea Party at some time in the future, I am focused for now on my acoustic solo record, and hope to release the new music this winter and tour in support of it.”

“I am excited to embark on this new musical chapter of my life and wish all the best to my two former bandmates and friends, Jeff Burrows and Stuart Chatwood.”

The Tea Party’s seventh and final studio album “Seven Circles” was released in August of 2004.

i don’t like acoustic….)

through talking with phill and dave on tuesday, we’ve been to many of the same shows without knowing it. dave mentioned tea party at shea’s. and phill was at the orgy show for the edge xmas party, and it turns out he was probably right next to us. i mentioned that danielle and i groped jay when he came down from stage, and phill said he was right there too. small world.

and talk about small world, someone sent me a message on myspace without realizing they know who i am from the casino. sorta scary.

gotta take the shoes i bought today back to target cuz they’re too big. i hope they don’t look too worn haha

and wow. found someone on myspace who i was friends with in high school so i sent a message. he wrote back that he’s been living in france for 3 years, and you know…is actually doing something with himself. makes me feel like such a disapointment. though i know that wasn’t the intention haha. it’s just like…he asked what i’ve been doing, and what do i say to compare to that? wasted 4 years of college and am still at home working at the casino…

and urban decay’s eye shadow primer potion is the best stuff on earth. eye makeup didn’t crease or fade or smudge all night long. it’s a god send.

and apparently i’m suddenly popular on myspace that i don’t use cuz i joined the club diablo group. so all these ppl think i hang out there, when i still have yet to go. i should work on that maybe. if i wasn’t so antisocial.

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