bearing all catastrophe, tonight was my last night flooring. i looked at my schedule for next week and i am back on the dealers schedule. i also apparently forgot to request off for oktoberfest…so i need to find someone to pick saturday up for me or i’ll be using my last sick day for it…and i like to have a buffer day. ah well. i was afraid that everyone in upper management was mad at me…no one said 2 words to me all day today. finally the shift manager, around 2, mentioned me having one day left til the switch, and he was fairly cheerful and didn’t seem mad. so that’s good, cuz i didn’t want to deal with immaturity.

ok and friday did it, i’m totally in love with bono again. the 3 shows this tour haven’t given me the feeling that hamilton did, i’m not sure anything can, but yeah. in love with bono again. but that mother fucker played discotheque at tonights show. I KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN. and apparently eddie vedder dropped by.

the boot of wednesday night sounds great. real good quality. friday hasn’t appeared yet, hope it does.

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