sometimes work really does feel like a big happy family. it’s felt that way alot lately. dunno what has been different. just seems like everyone has been in good moods, and we’ve had lots of laughter and all that.

when i was a kid i was horribly scared of the orange moon. i can’t exactly remember when it happened, but one orange moon moment i do remember…my uncle ed, aunt laurice and becky came to visit. we went to the canadian side of the falls and we went up in that mini sightseeing tower on clifton hill. my cousin pointed out the orange moon. that’s my first memory of it, and it scared me to death. even now as an adult, i’m a slight bit fearful of it. it’s just not natural you know? i came around the curve in lockport road on the way home, and their hanging low in the sky, was the sliver of orange moon. and it scared me. just for a moment. then i realized how pretty it looked, so low near the horizon, and such a big sliver (that whole moon perspective thing that i was taught about in sensation and perception class but still doesn’t make sense). just felt like sharing.

tried to run errands, like go to the post office, but it was closed for “dead bad actors day” as russell called it. grr.. stupid casino life never getting off of work. i also need to remember to get my car inspected. and i’m so totally not driving out to paddock in tonawanda to get it inspected like the other years. i’ll just go to david since it’s so much closer.

have to spend all day at the terminal tomorrow for neighborhood day. i forgot about it. i’m going late cuz i absolutely cannot get up before 8am. sorry. just can’t.

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