met lance diamond today down at the terminal. he’s so charming. he’s fabulous. and old men love me (still). he wants to take me to lunch LOL and apparently the fbi hangs out at the terminal now. seriously. there were 3 cars of undercover agents. lance said they had pistols and shotguns and stuff. lance was scared they were about to do a sting inside the building and would think he was a drug dealer HAHA

tonight is hedwig yay. hopefully it’s cool.

i’m wearing a skirt. friggen hot outside. and super windy. i left a big giant blue paint streak on a car in a parking lot when the wind ripped my door out of my hands. yeah that’s lovely. sucks to be that car hahah

so reagan died a few days ago. i didn’t realize people cared about him in the slightest. he wasn’t a particularly phenomenal president. he was popular but…when was the last time you thought about reagan? 10 years ago? 15? and now the entire country is mourning for him?!? he was OLD. he had alzheimers. did you think he was going to live forever? it reminds me of a story in a book carolyn got me. the premise was that in 2010 (or something) reagan got re-elected as US president. people became so obsessed with his health status that they began to broadcast his heart rate, urninalisis reports and other medical things and vitals on the bottom of television programs like cnn broadcasts news reels…and people were so obsessed with reagan’s health that they missed the 3rd world war and the use of nuclear weapons. but anyway….

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