i had a really nice day today.

it was terminal day. had to get up way early to go to the science museum with russell to meet with their collections manager. then went to the terminal with 2 museum people to show them around. when they were leaving, joe showed up way early, but that was cool cuz we went around a bit before everyone else came at 1. ended up being 8 of us wandering in the tower. spent some time up on the roof with james which was really nice. turned out to be a really pretty day weather wise, when it had started out crappy, so it was bright and happy in the terminal. everyone seemed to enjoy the time spent inside. so it’s all good. and obviously, my keys work haha. and lance diamond called me when we were sitting on the roof haha. well i thought it was amusing. he sounded like barry white on the phone lol.

finally got to see where brian and james live (other than driving by) and got to see the dansville photos i was “owed” haha. went to jasen’s and james cooked dinner. sorta played with jasen’s daughter, and omg i’m just so horrible with kids. i’ve never been around any, ever, seriously. i dont know what to doooo. watched um… king of new york and run lola run. lola was cute, good concept. king of new york was with christopher walken. i think that’s only the 2nd movie of his i’ve seen..the first being waynes world 2 LOL. it was good. he’s so bizarre. and i can’t help but think of jay moore doing christopher walkens psychic friends network on SNL haha.

so good day. good day. so tired but don’t want to go to bed yet. my knees ache


i was looking through my sent mail folder for something…yeah…haven’t deleted anything in there in a long long time…so this amused me:

“lunatic murderer you seem not to be, but like you said…it does seem sketchy when you think about it. and with all those nooses hanging everywhere, it would have been easy hehe”

i forgot about the nooses lol


a passage from the book i’m reading, The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart. struck me given some recent….”non conversations” that i’ve had with others and myself…

“If we always limited ourselves to what was natural to us, we’d be midget dwarfs compared to our potential. We must always be incorporating new areas of human action which we can make natural.”

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