the buffalo ave building is up for tax auction. so they’re not going to demolish it now?? i wonder if you buy it, if you get the toxic waste too. gonna have to see when the auction is… just curious.

bowie did not come into the casino tonight. that was a shame. during the night i suddenly realized WHAT IF HE CAME IN!?!?! i’d die. but he’s probably not even in buffalo so it doesn’t matter.

work is changing the attendance policy effective june 1st. the way things are at the moment, if you do bad things, or call in too much etc, you get points against you. and originally the rule was that if you had 10 points you’d get fired. but we were so short handed when we opened, and at various times since, some people had 30-40 points and weren’t getting fired. when new classes came in, they’d fire a few people for too many points, but there are still people with 14-20 points and jobs….

the new attendance policy is changing how you “earn” points, but we don’t know the specifics until june 1st…..that’s when all the new stuff goes into effect. part of this, is that to be fair to all employees, they are going to forgive all points through may 31st…

now this was a very bad idea for them to post right before the holiday weekend. because that means everyone can call in, get points, and it won’t matter because on june 1st, we’re all back down to zero. i have half a point at the moment from leaving sick on valentines day. so i could actually call in the entire weekend and go to vegas. and i really really really want to. because i have sick time too, and i’m flooring each day, so i’d still be getting full pay. for going to vegas. and when i get back for my shift on june 1st, i’d have zero points.

but stupid me being a stupid honest person would feel so incredibly guilty….i feel guilty calling in when i’m actually sick. like when i felt like dying after the exploring day at the buffalo ave building and deveaux and there was no way i could go to work, i still felt guilty.

but i’m working on it LOL cuz i really want to go to vegas. tony said if i do it he won’t be able to talk to me for a while. he’ll be too jealous cuz he wants to but doesn’t have the guts to do it haha. and then he’d worship me for actually doing it.

anyway. trying not to get back into the habit i had a few months ago where i slept all day…tho i really want to. i feel so tired again all the time. but must force myself to get up and buy bleach and do some laundry. then bowie!!!!!!!!!


so i bleached my hair.
guess what color it is
DARK BROWN!!!!!!!!!!
what the hell is wrong with my hair that it won’t even BLEACH!?!?!?!?!?

it’s exactly the same as it was before i ruined it a little bit more with the bleach. it feels so awful to touch even when there is conditioner on it, but it’s the same color…dark brown with orange roots. FABULOUS.

i think my only option now is to just dye it dark brown again and not fuck with it for a few months. but i want red *whine*

stupid hair.

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