holy bowie….

tonight was my first night on baccarat since new years eve when i got promoted. i didn’t think i’d remember what to do. it was a normal night…spent the first 4 hours sitting there talking with the other 2 dealers. geneseo housemate bill, who now lives in tonawanda, stopped in and talked to me for a while. it was nice to see him again. blahblahblah. midnight we get a game going. normal game…until the last hour. it was the most amazing hour i’ve ever dealt. i don’t even know what to say (plus i can’t really say why). but WOW….yeah. friggen great night…

remember how i said i haven’t been involved in drama in a real long time. well that streak ended…it’s not a big deal, but i’m gonna get told off on tuesday, and i really can’t wait. i can’t wait for her to yell at me and call me names and whatever else she decides to spit at me, so i can go “are you done? k, bye” and walk away. it’ll be fantastic. it’s all to do with tom, and how me and him are friends, and a text message that went to her instead of me. whatever. it’s gonna be good for tom in the long run, since this is really ending whatever they had that wasn’t quite ended. it’ll be interesting.

and the sabres beat toronto’s ass!

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