i am really amazed at my current utter contentment. i haven’t really felt this way since october 2001 – the post sept 11th, u2 induced delirium. i keep listening to songs, and no matter what song by what artist, i keep finding lines that feel so applicable for some reason. i’m resisting the urge to post tons of lyrics here haha. we’ll see how that works. the way i felt when nate was around was always laced with anxiety and insecurity over what was to happen with us. this is nothing like that. i get it, but at the same time, i don’t. and i don’t know what to do about the part that i get. but i’m not thinking/worrying about it. because i am enjoying how i feel.

if i wasn’t so tired lol.

i kept zoning out at work, day dreaming, and almost falling over cuz i’m so tired. but work was slow and boring, and when it was getting exciting i got moved hahah. was able to leave an hour early, which was nice. not like i’m going to get to bed any earlier however.

my dresser did not arrive on friday due to the weather, so they are bringing it today. which means they will call me 5 times this morning, like they did yesterday. and they better not do that, and not show up til 7pm like i’m expecting. oh well.

i want to say that i love all the friends i have right now. thank you for making my life wonderful as of late.

jenn comes home tomorrow finally. it’ll be good to see her again, and i need to talk to her about stuff. haha


orgy’s new website is finally up. they have all the lyrics from the new album posted. these are by far their best songs lyrically. and i just HAVE to post this hah

You couldn’t make me
Anymore crazy
Than I could stand to be

So won’t you just sympathize with me
And all the things I do to make you angry with me
What’s wrong with me today
You say, I leave you all alone
Every time you call me
As if you needed reason to fall down
I know this must be hard for you to understand
And all this waiting takes too long for me
Make up your mind

You don’t even know, what’s good for you
You better keep your eyes on me
Maybe you’re oblivious inside
And it’s scary that you don’t know
Your chances fade away
Fade away sometimes
Maybe you’re oblivious inside

No you can’t deny me
And I don’t want to see you go away


i can’t wait to see them live again. apparently bobby rejoined after leaving snake river conspiracy. all the new pictures include him, which is really rad. yay exciting.

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