i knew my mom was wrong when she said my meds were MAOIs…they’re not. they’re tricyclics, just like i thought. so i can take cough medicine et al. which is good, cuz this illness is definitely moving into my lungs. john is sick now too, he’s blaming me. he calls me at work and goes “i am so mad at you!!” lol.

i guess dad is putting in the new processor tomorrow. i’m going to class….buuuuut probably not taking my audition lol. i didn’t study this weekend like i said i was going to, cuz of this whole everquest/computer stuff, and you know…sleeping.

might be getting together with ty and heather tomorrow but dunno. tues i definitely have to run errands, get my meds, call the apartment guy if 1. i have a voice, and 2. adrienne doesn’t call tomorrow.


i got like no sleep last night. went to bed at 3:30, was still awake at 5:30 because every time i started to fall asleep i started coughing up a lung, or i had to pee. restless sleep with more weird dreams about john…he was a teacher (again) and our class was going to get tested for sars…in an abanonded old house that i always wanted to explore because it had been a sanitarium. and i think we were a couple. and then something about chinese owning the house/sanitarium and cement blocking up the doors and windows so no one could get in anymore. and something about driving in snow. and college.

not meeting ty and heather cuz they don’t want to catch my illness. wouldn’t it be ironic if i had sars?…parents fly in and out of toronto, get brochures from the CDC to give to their dr about sars…ty and heather are in/near toronto…but i’m the one who gets sars. haha.

and i forgot how much i like stabbing westward. it was unsafe to listen to them the past few months, but things are good now lol. wish i could have seen them before they broke up. and it still amuses me that “ungod” and filter’s “hey man nice shot” are the same song. and i still think “jesus christ get over it already” when i listen to them…since chris has been singing about the same girl who fucked him over for 4 albums lol.


remember all those years when i didn’t like korn? i remember why. psycho liked korn, and that’s when life is peachy came out. i remember him and aaron playing it for me, and me thinking “if you’re going to listen to music with droning guitars and background noise, listen to manson cuz he’s so much better, and the songs are so much more interesting”…and i’m still right…cuz it was life is peachy, and life is peachy sucks. who likes this album?? adidas is the only saving grace…and maybe twist, cuz it’s funny. unfortunately, i can picture psycho “singing” twist, and yeah…scared of him, don’t like it. and i can piture aaron singing adidas (of course he’d get a big kick out of that song). die life is peachy die.


hey guess what. i took my audition today afterall lol

and hey guess what… i got a 40 out of 50 on it – the first excellent score he’s given out

and hey guess what…friday is my last day in my department!! now we just need to be able to have my tues/wed off to go to cleveland, which should be no problem, since those were the days i requested off anyway. gotta talk to scheduling tomorrow to see if i’ll be starting monday, or thursday.


and my comp is put together, and apparently working. lol

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