i’ve been welcomed to the “swing shift losers who go home and play everquest all night after work” clique last night. went to jenn and jeff’s to get a crash course in the game, got home at 6:30 lol. i have to go to walmart now and buy it, so they can come over and set it up on my comp for me. and i figure i can get my mom something for mothers day while i’m at it.

i have no voice…still. it got really bad last night after work. everyone is like… “what happened to your voice?”…what do you think happened? i’m sick obviously…no i swallowed razor blades so i sound this way on purpose. haha tony made a crack that maybe it’ll stay, and i’ll have one of those ruff gravely voices that guys think sound sexy, so that when i start dealing i can use it to get more tips lol.


well this whole everquest thing is ending up being more expensive than i had planned for. but i guess it’s improving my comp, which needed improvements anyway. bought 3 new memory cards(?), getting a better video card from jeff (we already put in a new card today from my moms comp, cuz my card wasn’t 3d, but its an old 3d card), and dad is gonna put in the new processor for me.

but must stop buying stuff now!

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