the tea party @ hamilton

work was slow. i finally remembered to wear a watch, and i didn’t even need it cuz we didn’t wait on tables all night. got to work with the new kid (haha i’m not a new kid anymore since someone was hired after me). he is really beautiful. he has the most perfect face. but he’s an ass…i had to close by myself tonight and i just hope i remembered to do everything. i’m pretty sure that the guy i think is so cute is single. one of the servers was talking about how she met his mom today, and his mom was saying how all she wants is for her son to find a nice girlfriend. the server was like, “So if anyone is single, i’ll help you out with him.” but i still think there is a possibility he’s gay hahah. my gaydar doesn’t go off really, but…dunno. could be. also, the server could have been talking about someone else with his name, but i don’t think there are more than one working there. and i’m actually the only sara at work. that never happens.

i did the most beautiful parallel park today. i was very proud of myself. haha. i’m getting pretty good at parallel parking on the opposite side of the road, although that’s not what i did today.


well i guess i’m going to hamilton tonight to see the tea party again. joe is going up with janet and mike, and invited me. since i’m not going to vanilla ice anymore, why not hehe. good thing i didn’t tell them i’d work today if they needed me (since i called in wed). and the show is free, which is always good lol.

i forgot to mention last night, that it was so dead at work, me and the other 2 hosts played jenga with the crayons…even our manager played with us haha. and they showed the inxs “disappear” video, which i had never seen before – i’ve only seen the remix video on the greatest video hits vhs. so that was cool. hutch was so hot.

dude my throat hurts so friggen bad. it kept me up and woke me up all night. and my fucking head. i want to rip it off. i’m so tired of my headaches!!!!


since i haven’t really slept all week i have a bad memory. so i forgot to mention that my manager james partied with shakira last year down in columbia or someplace. haha

my mom wanted to go look at hard rock merchandise since i get a discount, so we went down there even tho it’s my day off. and she didn’t buy anything. we went in the other souvenir shops too, and one of them had a bunch of fake new york state license plates. one of them said “I <3 U2” on it. i was like wtf LOL. it was 9 bucks, when everything goes onsale in the off season i’m gonna have to invest in it cuz it’s so delightfully cheesey hahah.

my parents locked me out tonight. got home at quarter to 2, and the screen door was locked. super. so instead of ringing the doorbell and waking them up to let me in, i tried to go in through the side garage door. thankfully the garbage cans were not right up against it, so i was able to get in. of course, stuff was piled behind my dad’s car, which i proceeded to trip over. if they heard the commotion in the garage they probably thought someone was breaking in.

but anyway. tea show. it was me, joe, janet and mike. it was free as part of hamilton’s aquafest. the full 9 opened for them, again. it was funny. everyone was sitting on the grass during their set, and we were up front sitting against the barrier. when they went to start their song “coffee”, the singer dude was like “this is going to be our next single” and janet yells coffee. he’s like “yeah you’re right, i love you guys” and pointed to us. we were like um yeah we were sorta making fun of you. it’s not our fault we’ve seen you 4 times and that you haunt us like velour haha. anyway….

tea was good. this was probably the best show of the 7 i’ve seen. jeff martin sounded really good, alot more emotional than previous shows. the setlist was more or less the same – no apathy, and i think they played something else but i forget. crowd got bitchy, a girl’s pants started on fire from someone’s cigarette, assholes later started the grass on fire (which was scary cuz the whole place could have gone up it was so dry), but as soon as it got pushy VOOM joe and mike had me and janet caged in and protected hehe. so i didn’t really get touched. there was definitely more crowd interaction at this show than any other. jeff was actually making eye contact with people in the front. he made eye contact with janet during angels, and me during heaven coming down. heaven coming down was just bizzare. i was thinking before the encore that i could do without that song, but then they were playing it and it really hit me for some reason. i actually had to hold myself back from crying. i don’t know why really. the barrier sucked. anytime anyone pushed it moved, the security guards spent their time pushing it back against us so it wouldn’t break. it makes me adore the water street carpeted barrier that is indestructable haha.

so the show was good. we made good time home until the bridge where there was 1 customs lane open, and people were being complete assholes and driving up close to the booth and then trying to get over into the lane. we were there for a half hour. joe and i went to dennys for food when we got back. and now i’m home. i’m tired, but i know i won’t be able to sleep again. my throat hurts, and my voice is like an octave lower than it usually is from being sick, and the concert. haha i sound great 😛 can’t wait for work tomorrow.

oh yeah, there was this sorta cute security guard at the show. he made me realize i seem to have a thing for eyebrow rings lately. cuz he had one, and work-boy has one. haha work-boy’s one is so nice 🙂

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